Discontent, Boredom, Lack of Direction?  I can facilitate a new approach.

Some situations are not easily described as one distinct problem. New demands? Old frustrations? I facilitate the exploring of your circumstances over 3 or 4 sessions to discover new strategies.

Working professionals are expected to adapt to a changing work environment, and are increasingly evaluated on “soft skills” such as professional maturity, problem solving ability, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. It can be revitalizing to a career to pinpoint difficult areas and practice new skills.

Retirement may also be challenging. Perhaps you are anticipating retirement with some confusion and/or dread. Or you are retired, and it’s not what you thought it would be, or what you want. Planning may have gone into practical matters such as finances and housing, but often there is a lack of “the other retirement planning” that addresses less tangible matters. It can be surprisingly distressful to find yourself at a loose end, unhappy, and/or confused in a time that is supposed to be easy and rewarding.

Any major life change means stepping into unfamiliar territory, and the methods that have served you well in the past may not be effective in a new time.The Introspection by Design worksheets can clarify your situation, helping you identify trouble spots. New strategies are suggested and you experiment between sessions.  A core problem usually is discovered within the first two sessions and the final sessions are devoted to identifying skills to practice and outlining your new approach.

At least 3 sessions, no more than a week or two apart, are required to give you new understanding, tools and direction.