Can’t Find Your Way Through A Problem? There’s a map for that…

You solve problems every day. What’s different about this one? Let's find out by mapping it on an Introspection by Design© worksheet.

This is a single-session approach to problem solving. You are guided through a solution-focused process; you describe your difficulty and the skills you are using in your attempts to resolve it, and I use the worksheet to map the information. A larger perspective and a new way forward is revealed.

The worksheet is an aid to reflection. It's easier to see and label your thoughts. This allows you to examine experiences in more detail, including your actions and responses. It raises questions. What if…   It may direct you to missed opportunities and unused potential. You can track your progress.

Perhaps you need a skill you don’t have in your toolbox yet. We will choose a couple of new skills for trial; one skill to ease distress and one skill to improve effectiveness.

As you experiment with these new skills, you may have questions or feel you need a little more information. Two email requests are included in your session.

If a strategy is to make a difference, it must be different from what you already do. Some form of challenge is inevitable. But challenge isn’t usually the worst part of a problem. It’s the frustration of not getting anywhere; possibly even a sense of dread or guilt that you might be making things worse. The work involved in making a change can be exhilarating!